Terms and Conditions

1- The copying system for automated trading must be updated and developed on a regular basis for achieving the highest level of efficiency in trading and software and all it's right owned by Exaado LTD company under registration number (14799118) In UK .

2- The system is the world's first of its kind, relying on self-education and market analysis rather than indicators (machine learning), so entering currencies comes after analysis, setting goals, and stopping losses.

3- Due to the low liquidity of small currencies, some accounts are not entered into all bargains, which may result in buying at the top.

4- Accounts are handled with firm capital management by which a maximum floating loss rate of 25% can be maintained.

5- The maximum permissible risk rate on the account ranges from 10% to 50%, depending on your preference, after which trading on your account will be suspended and you will be notified by support.

6- Profits are earned based on the bot's analysis of market resistance; sometimes it makes a 1% profit, and other times it makes a 100% profit on a single trade.

 7- The full amount of money should be available in your account when you are trading, and if it is not available or reserved through deals on your part, Exaado Company is not responsible for meeting the goals or profits.

The amount of money paid annually when subscribing to the copy service is the value of the server's settings and is non-refundable.

8-The annual profits are expected to range between 30% to 70%.

9- The automated trading subscription is renewed annually for a fee of not less than $100 and not more than 2% of your capital. In addition to profit sharing, which will range between 20% and 30%, based on the strategy.

10- The annual subscription fee for the copy trading service represents the value of the server settings and is non-refundable.

11- If you wish to terminate the contract with the copy service, it is critical that you delete your API from your trading platform in your account and then delete it from within your account on the Exaado site, as there will be no transactions executed in your account by us within 24 hours. You can also temporarily suspend your account and reactivate it by notifying us via the support account. When you reactivate your account, you are not required to pay any additional amounts during the validity period.

12- It is prohibited to discuss transactions that are accomplished via the copying system in any public or private group, and communication is limited to our support team. Any violation of that may result in your removal from the service.

13- Exaado LTD company under registration number (14799118) In UK will take the appropriate legal action if you offend the company or one of its representatives.

14- The company won't be held responsible or liable if losses are demonstrated to have occurred as a result of your improper usage of the account or a market crash and the stop-loss was not activated because of the speed or even if a database is breached and data is leaked, as the capital management strategy is used to help to reduce the losses.

15- The specific copy system of the Exaado LTD company ensures that once you fill in your data on the website and provide us with the API key, the key will be instantly encrypted in less than seconds and it will vanish permanently and there will be no way for us to get to it. If there is an issue, the API will contact you and request a new key.

16- Clicking on agree and completing the registration indicates that you agree to the conditions of the aforementioned contract.

17- After 7 days of payment, the subscription fee whether it relates to copies, recommendations, or the academy, is not refundable.

18- When a consumer copies or forwards a message, the bot informs and immediately unsubscribes the customer.

19- Transferring any recommendations to the public group of Exaado LTD or any other public group is prohibited and will result in your expulsion.

20- The recommendation service is a service represented by Exaado LTD in a new way that differs from any competing service, and the management of the account of a client is determined by detecting the appropriate income ratios based on the amount of risk calculated based on market conditions. The minimum subscription period for the system is three months. At the end of the three months, a full report is issued that includes all transactions, entry and exit points, the percentage achieved, gain or loss, and the percentage achieved from the entire wallet, as well as a real result of the profit from the entire wallet or the loss from the entire wallet.
If the report is released at the end of the subscription period at a loss (and that is based on the wallet specialized for recommendations and implementation on them. Like any subscriber, the report will come out based on that), subscribers will be compensated by receiving free subscription extensions. However, any client who did not apply the same percentages, exited from the deals, or continued in the deals of his own volition, and caused himself a loss by failing to apply what was published, will not be considered.